Creating Your Own Yahoo Small Business Web Site

Your business needs a web site, but do you need a web designer? If you don’t know what HTML is or how to create a yahoo web page, you may think you need to hire someone to build your site. But with Yahoo Small Business, you can get your own domain name, build your web site using a simple design tool and professionally designed templates, and host your site with a Yahoo web hosting unlimited hosting plan-and do it all for far less than you’d pay a designer.

Yahoo Small Business provides a simple, intuitive web design tool (called Yahoo Site Builder) that lets you build your own site, even if you don’t know anything about web design and even if you’re not sure what should go on your site. A checklist provided by Yahoo Small Business web hosting guides you through all the steps to creating your perfect web site in no time. Your pages will be stored on your Yahoo web hosting account, and all you have to do is tell the design tool what you want your pages to say. Use a professionally designed template from YSB, plug in your information, and your site will be ready to go.

Why create your own web site, when designers know so much more about creating web pages? First, because it’s much less expensive to create your own site. Of course you don’t want to save money and skimp on quality, but with Yahoo Small Business web design tools, you’re not skimping. Professionally designed templates, including industry-specific templates, make it easy to create great-looking pages quickly.

Second, while web design professionals are experts at building web sites, you’re the expert on your company. You know what information is critical to deliver to customers, and how best to present it. What you need is help with designing and uploading the pages, and Yahoo web hosting and the included web design tools take care of that.

There are hundreds, even thousands of hosting companies on the Internet. Yahoo Small Business stands out in the crowd because it focuses its services on business owners, like yourself, who need the best unlimited web hosting, design tools, and responsive technical support representatives. You can’t afford to have your business web site offline, and you need the very best services you can get. Yahoo web hosting meets these needs, and does it within your budget.

Many people think that web hosting has become a commodity, and that anyone can put up a web site and do well with it. Yahoo Small Business web hosting is based on the idea that hosting is a valuable asset for your company, and that you need professional design tools to help you create the online presence for your business. Yahoo Small Business is all about making sure that your business, no matter how small it may be now, continues to grow and thrive online.

When you set up your Yahoo web hosting account, you’ll pay no setup fee, and your hosting account costs as little as $8.96 a month for the first quarter. You can build your Yahoo web site quickly and easily, and be online and making money much sooner than you might expect.