Small Business Web Hosting: What Is Colocation Hosting?

Colocation hosting is one of the most secure methods of using a web server. Many experts believe that this service is far better than dedicated hosting. It is cost effective and offers great flexibility and control. Users can choose the hardware configuration of the server, as well as the software that goes on it. This type of hosting is suitable for small business owners who want the features of a large IT department without the costs.

How Does Collocation Hosting Work?

As your online business grows, it gradually outgrows the different levels of hosting provided by most companies. When this happens, it is important to make sure that your servers are well looked after. That’s where colocation web hosting comes in. This hosting plan allows you to place your server machine in someone else’s data centre. Colocation hosting service providers have faster Internet connections than your typical business hosting plan.

When companies outsource network traffic to a colocation provider, website access speed improves significantly. The hosting company can rent you a server. You will pay a fee to the company for its space. Some of the main benefits of colocation hosting include greater bandwidth, constant security, lower latency, advanced infrastructure, and professional services and systems. The hosting company provides you with a storage space, Internet connection, electricity, cooling, and security for your server.

Top Benefits of Colocation Hosting

Colocation hosting can help your business save money. Since you don’t need to maintain a datacenter of your own, you save thousands of dollars a year. This service helps minimize downtime and increase availability. Another advantage is that connectivity is better. This type of hosting gives you direct access to the most powerful networks in the world. In addition, there is no need foe generators or UPS.

This type of hosting has several benefits, including:

  • Better network speed and reliability
  • Increased bandwidth
  • Power redundancy
  • Cost savings
  • Security and data protection
  • On-site specialists and technical support
  • Reliable uptime
  • Flexibility
  • Redundant and improved cooling
  • Low setup costs

The difference in costs between collocation and dedicated hosting is almost negligible as compared to the difference in features. Collocation hosting gives you complete control over your server. Your systems will be housed in state-of-art data centers with redundant air cooling, multiple battery backups, high-quality security mechanisms, motion detectors, and high quality power supply. With colocation hosting, your server is stored and maintained in a secured environment.