So Excited About Our First Web Site

The secret to web success is not a secret
Although there is no deep secret about achieving web success it is glossed over by a greedy web industry that has their own objectives for success set above your own. This business model of “Me First” is the same thing you are taught in building your own web business.

I’m opinionated, I know, but when a professional offers you poor advice that leads to business failure then I get just a bit annoyed.

Web designers and marketers teach you what they know, but they are not really interested in your business first, and in following their lead your web site doesn’t put your customer first either.

Every single business in the world needs to make money, that’s not the problem. The problem exists when the goods received are of poor quality for the money paid out. This means that if a small business web site cost $5000 and failed to bring in any business or grow in popularity (because it takes time to build a clientele) then a business owner paid too much. A $500 web site can do the same thing and fail at the starting gate just as easily as it’s more expensive counterpart.

Our first web site
We believed the sales hype when design firms said they would drive traffic to our web site. We thought “Instant success!” but we were not told that most traffic is not in the market for what we offer, or they were paid to show up.

We believed the sales hype that said, “Your competitor has a web site and they are steeling your business.” That is obviously not true because now you have a web site and who’s business are you steeling from? The truth is that our competitor does have a web site and they’re not steeling anybody’s business.

We believed the sales hype that said, “We will make your business web site stand apart from all others.” And now that we’ve bought into this hype how has it worked out for us? The truth is that the only thing that makes our web site stand apart from all others is the quality of service we provide through the helpful content we give our market.

We believed the sales hype that said, “We’ll build you a web site so you can sell to the world.” The truth is that not everyone in the world is interested in what we have to offer, but on a global basis we can reach our own niche market given enough time and quality content and helpful service.

Don’t be fooled by the promise of traffic
If you get enough traffic and it is targeted traffic then a high volume of traffic can generate sales. The agreement you have to make in hard currency is what makes this wheel go round. If you are not prepared to pay the ongoing and never ending costs of advertising then this type of traffic is not for you.

The traffic that marketing people offer is not always that targeted because they are experts at competing for common and popular keywords. And even though much of the traffic brought in is targeted the real importance is on how ready your web site is to be of service and take advantage of the traffic.

Don’t be fooled about your competition
Your competition may have a web site but unless they have built an extraordinary service into their web site they are not steeling anyone’s business.

If we all built our web site according to our unique service and original information then we would have no competition. Who else is exactly like you? Who else knows what you know and provides that extraordinary insight and information? No one but you and when you market yourself you have no competition.

Don’t be fooled about standing apart
Why would any business want to have a trendy design? After the hype about making your site stand out a designer wants to give you a trendy style that is so up-to-date your site will look and sound like so many other business sites. What happened to the “unique look” you were offered?

“Oh”, they say, “The unique look, in spite of being trendy, is in the cool first impression visitors have when seeing your web site.”

The problem with this explanation is that it does not make our web site stand out until someone actually visits the page, and even then we might have our doubts. A web site that stands out will do so by being listed high with search engines, by being shared through others on social media and by word-of-mouth with family and friends.

A web designer has very little to do with how well our web site stands out. The only really good thing about this bit of sales hype is that it is entirely possible if we do it ourselves. And we have to do it ourselves because no one else can do it for us, not even if we pay them.

No one knows our business as well as we do and although we can delegate a lot of the building we have to put what we know into those pages to create our extraordinary service.

Don’t be fooled about selling to the world
No business big or small sells to the world. They may have global sales but the whole world doesn’t want or need what any single business is offering.

We want to narrow our content so we focus on our niche market. That niche market may be large or small but it has many pockets of interests on the web. We can start out small and capture the market locally, and if we could sell to the city we live in that would be huge.

Once we have captured a good part of our city then we market to our region, then our state or province and then our nation. Don’t you get the feeling that our market is huge before we even talk in national terms?

Our first web site wasn’t ready to market locally because we thought we could market to the world thanks to the web marketing hype. Our wording (language) was all wrong because we didn’t focus on our true market and we didn’t start locally.

It’s time now, after the second or maybe 3rd web design to settle down and start close to home and focus on our niche market. In all likelihood we will never need to be global entrepreneurs.